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Saramund's Shipfix

`What`s this?`  His voice whispered across my neck as fingers lightly traced the skin of my lower back, tickling the hairs upright.

`What?`  I shivered in delight, not really paying attention to the context of the conversation, but rather paying attention to the fact that we were having this conversation at all.  That I was naked.  That he was naked.  That we were both naked.  In a bed.  Together.  And I smiled in remembrance of just what had occurred several hours ago (and at least twice more since then) to get us sans clothes, in this bed, in the first place.

`This scar on your lower back, near your left kidney.`  He continued the conversation.

`Oh.` I  shrugged, trying to get my mind back to the present and away from the delicious memories of the last few hours.  `Battle scar.`


`The war.`  I replied evasively, an evil grin flitting over my face.  He lightly slapped my butt in rebuke, then continued to trace his fingers over my back.

`Is this the mole?`  He asked, finger on a spot just above the right cheek of my bottom.

`Hmmm?`  I was distracted again. 

`You know, the mole.  The one that no one knows the whereabouts of.`  His fingers were tracing it lightly, round and round.  I could feel the edge of the nail lightly scraping my skin, sending yet more shivers down my back bone and making my skin goose-bump in pleasure.

`Oh.  Yeah, I suppose that must be it.`  Who cared about the damn mole?  Just so long as he kept up that little caress with his fingers.  Let`s get our priorities straight here, shall we?

`Huh.`  He breathed into my neck.  I managed to last all of two minutes before my curiosity overtook my languor.

`Huh, what?`  I peered over my shoulder to find him grinning back at me.

`Nothing.`  He said evasively.  I turned over and mock-glared at him.  He kept grinning, ducking down to kiss my lips lightly.  I bit his lip gently in punishment, but from his reaction, I`d miscalculated somewhere.  I pulled back quite a while later, catching my breath and staring into his eyes with a small gentle smile on my face.



`Two weeks.`  He said cryptically.  I raised an eyebrow in puzzlement.  He smiled down at me.  `It`s been two weeks and one date since I retired.`  I counted back, and realised he was right.  Two weeks ago today, he`d retired.  And last night, we`d gone on our first `date` date.  He`d picked me up from my house, presenting me with a gorgeous white tulip, and we`d gone out to eat at a small Italian restaurant.  Good food, good wine, and a companion who made my skin tingle and my mind stop a truly remarkable feat - made for the most idyllic of dates.  As can be attested to by the result.  Him.  Me.  Naked.  In his bed, in his house.

`Wow.`  I whispered, stroking down his whiskered cheek gently.

`Yeah.  If you`re like this on our first date, you`re gonna kill me on the third.`  He chuckled, then rolled out of bed before I could retaliate.  `One thing`s for sure though,`  he continued, `if you do, I`ll die a happy man.` 

The door to the bathroom slid shut as he finished his comment, and I lay back with a silly grin on my face, settling into the sheets with a small murmur of content.  And started plotting my strategy for our second date.  It wasn`t the the third one he should be worried about - that would take care of itself - providing he survived the second. I sat up again as the sound of the shower running caught my attention.  I eyed the bathroom door speculatively and swung my legs out of bed. Or possibly even the first.




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