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Saramund's Shipfix
He asked me

`He asked me` She confessed over breakfast one morning.
`Who asked you?` He replied confused, over an English muffin covered in
strawberry conserve.
`Daniel. He asked me if we were.. you know.` Sam replied, sipping her
`He asked about us?` Jack replied, stunned.
`No. Not about us. About him and I. When we were on that planet. He
asked if we had.. you know, a history. It was actually very strange. He`s
never even hinted that he could have felt that way.`
`If that man hadn`t already died this year, I`d kill him.` Jack grated,
gripping his coffee handle with white knuckles.
`Jack!` Sam laughingly protested.
`Well. Maybe not kill him. But I`d seriously injure him. Take away his
coffee or something.`
`For asking such a harmless question?` She asked.
`For daring to even think it.` Her jealous lover replied. Sam grinned and
shook her head. Some days, there was just no arguing with Jack O`Neill.
She`d ring Daniel while Jack was in the shower, and give him the `heads-up`.
Hopefully he still had by now remembered his `dodge-an-angry-Jack` skills.
Otherwise, it could turn out to be an interesting day.



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